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One way or another way の使い方/ Charmed S3;E10

f:id:gigi1010:20160820043724j:plain way or anotherってどんなときに使うか?

one way or another. Also, one way or the other. Somehow, in some fashion, as in One way or another I'm sure we'll meet again, or He wasn't sure how to go about building a wall, but he was sure he would manage in one way or the other. 


2.impend (verb)

"save me from having to perform an impending awkward rejection all by myself"

be about to happen.
"my impending departure"
synonyms: imminent, close (at hand), near, nearing, approaching, comingforthcomingupcoming, to come, on the way, about to happen,


3.flattered (verb)

"I'm flattered"


"you flatter me"


lavish insincere praise and compliments upon (someone), especially to further one's own interests.
"she was flattering him to avoid doing what he wanted"
  • give an unrealistically favorable impression of.
    "the portraitist flatters his sitter to the detriment of his art"
  • make (someone) feel honored and pleased.
    "I was very flattered to be given the commission” instant-message (noun)

a message sent via the Internet that appears on the recipient's screen as soon as it is transmitted.

5.How bad do you wantの解釈

"How bad did you want to get out there?" 

 “When you wanted to get out there as bad as you wanted to breathe”