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Contemporary World Cinema部門/ トロント国際映画祭2016上映作品


Contemporary World Cinema部門とは?

Compelling stories, global perspectives.

( 世界各国からそれぞれの国の視点で撮られた興味深いストーリ)


After Love/ Joachim Jaffose


The animal's wife/Victor gaviria

Apprentice/ Boo Junfeng

Aquarius/ Kleber filho

ayiti mon amour

A Haitian teenager becomes obsessed with learning Japanese, refuses to speak French to his mother and doesn’t want to interact with his peers.


Clair Obscur

Death in Sarajevo


In this slow-burning psychological drama from Turkish director Zeki Demirkubuz, an Istanbul seamstress struggling with the debts left behind by her vanished husband rekindles an old friendship that escalates into an affair.

The Fixer

A headline-grabbing sex scandal gives a Romanian trainee at a French news network an opportunity for his big break, in this charged moral drama from Romanian director Adrian Sitaru.

Heaven Will Wait

Director Marie-Castille Mention-Schaar parallels the stories of two teenage girls — one a would-be jihadist, the other a model student who strikes up an online relationship with a young Muslim man — in this penetrating study about how terrorism takes root in contemporary European youth.


Mister Universo


The reheasal

A young student at a drama school faces a moral conundrum when his budding romance becomes fodder for a final-year performance, in director Alison Maclean’s (Jesus’ Son) adaptation of the novel by Booker Prize–winning author Eleanor Catton.

Santa & Andres

A dissident, homosexual Cuban novelist strikes up an unlikely rapport with the government watcher assigned to keep him from speaking during an upcoming political rally.


We are never alone

The woman's balcony