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La La Land directed by Damien Chapelle


TIFF2016受賞作品La La Landをまとめました。ネタバレなしです。





La La Land written and directed by Damien Chapelle (midle) who also wrote and directed Whiplash .


What is the first impression of La La Land?

It was so beautiful and gorgeous. It is a colored explosion of pure delight .

I feel like I want to study it more. Damien Chapelle has done a wonderful job Even though now days, musicals are a difficult genre.


What is the story about?


The plot tracks the relationship between the purist jazz fan and pianist Seb (Gosling) and the aspiring actress working as barista Mia (Stone), from their first bad impression, through them getting together and staying together. It is all set  in modern day LA but It is all made to look extremely timeless. the production is gorgeous, the costumes are beautiful and the shots! I mean there is a lot of one takes a lot of long shots, which are simply fantastic!


Why do I think people will love it?


I am not a big fan of musical, but it is not a traditional musical and there is not awkward transition from talking to singing and also the other transitions from real to unreal are smoothed by the seamless playing from a wonderful central couple.

Once again it reaches a good balance, like the moments of reality are infused with magic, and the moments of magic are interwoven with reality. It is certainly my cup of tea and of course Ryan and Emma fascinated audiences. It is their third movie together and they have such a great chemistry. La La Land is pure joy for anyone! It has a lot of elements such as romance, comedy, passion, dream, success. How are either of these people going to make good on their dream? 

 I think you will love La La Land and after leaving the theatre you can not stop whistling the music for a while.