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『煮え繰り返る』って英語で? / Charmed S3;E14




1.blink (verb)

shut and open the eyes quickly.
"she blinked, momentarily blinded"
synonyms: flutterflickerwinkbat
"his eyes did not blink"


2.calling (noun)


a strong urge toward a particular way of life or career; a vocation.
"those who have a special calling to minister to others' needs"
synonyms: professionoccupation,

 3.come clean (idiom)

to tell the truth, often about something bad that you have been trying to keep a secret 

"I felt it was time to come cleanand tell her what the doctor had told me. (often + about ) ""It's time for the Chancellor to come clean about the proposedtax rises"

4. seething (verb)

(of a liquid) bubble up as a result of being boiled.
"the brew foamed and seethed"
cook (food) by boiling it in a liquid.
"others were cut into joints and seethed in cauldrons made of the animal's own skins"
(of a person) be filled with intense but unexpressed anger."inwardly he was seething at the slight to his authority"


 5.lethal (adjective)


  1. sufficient to cause death.
    "a lethal cocktail of alcohol and pills"

6.shimmering (noun)

shine with a soft tremulous light.
"the sea shimmered in the sunlight"
synonyms: glintglistentwinklesparkleflashscintillategleamglowglimmerglitterwink;
"the lake shimmered"

7.conspicuous (adjective)

standing out so as to be clearly visible.
"he was very thin, with a conspicuous Adam's apple"
attracting notice or attention.
"he showed conspicuous bravery"

 8.not a chance (idiom)

no way


not possible