Toronto Life

It's about my another life in Toronto and studying English by using NETFLIX






1."A big thanks in advance for your diligence and cooperation"

diligence & cooperation

careful and persistent work or effort.
synonyms: conscientiousness, assiduousness, assiduityhard workapplicationconcentrationeffortcare, industriousness
the process of working together to the same end.
"they worked in close cooperation with the AAA"
synonyms: collaboration, joint action, combined effort, teamworkpartnershipcoordinationliaisonassociationsynergy, synergism, give and take, compromise
"cooperation between management and workers"
  • assistance, especially by ready compliance with requests.
    "we would like to ask for your cooperation in the survey"
    synonyms: assistance, helpfulness, helphelping handaid
    "thank you for your cooperation" 

2."If you are having challenges reaching your four-shift minimum, please contact us" 

having challenges ~ing

dispute the truth or validity of.
"employees challenged the company's requirement"
synonyms: question, disagree with, dispute, take issue with, protest against, call into question, object to
"we challenged their statistics"



3. "you are a first-time Volunteer or seasoned TIFF veteran"


a person who has had long experience in a particular field.
synonyms: old handpast masterdoyenvetMore


4."you may have well-worn copies of the Official Film Schedule" 


  1. showing the signs of extensive use or wear.
    "a well-worn leather armchair"
    • (of a phrase, idea, or joke) used or repeated so often that it no longer has interest or significance.


 5."highlighted and dog-eared to mark your Festival dreams"


 fold down the corner of (a book or magazine), typically to mark a place.


6. "The days ahead will be a flurry of films"


a number of things arriving or happening during the same period.
"a flurry of editorials hostile to the administration"
synonyms: spatewaveflooddelugetorrent,