Toronto Life

It's about my another life in Toronto and studying English by using NETFLIX

Made my dream happen



 It was in November, 2012. I came to Toronto from Japan. I had been wanted to live abroad and talk to many people in the world.  I felt It was a bit late to start what I wanted to do, but "You only have life once" and I did.





Before coming here, I thought I would be able to speak English in about three months like a magic if I would live in Canada, but it realistically turned to be not easy. I rearized soon. I was too optimistic at the biginning.




However, someone told me "If you were not that optimistic, you wouldn't leave Japan" and I agreed. No fear or anxiety at all! I was just excited to go to Toronto challenge a new world.




I just follwed my instincts at the time and I have never regreted what I am now, but sometimes I a bit miss my family, friends and Japanese things.




Omg, I want to eat OSHIRUKO!



To be continued...